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[Hi, I noticed on my Birth Certificate that my birth was entered in the Maternity Hospital in Causeway Lane. Actually I was born in the ambulance on way to the hospital back in 1941 (evacuated from London during the war). My mother told me of the main man in charge wanted to buy me and she freaked out, maybe he was just joking, but a good story all the same. I was curious to look for the hospital but it looks as if it has changed over the years. I was hoping to see the precise picture of it but to no avail.
Leicester History and Expats / Re: my old school
« Last post by outpost on 20:21:21, 06/01/20 »
Attended Linwood Boys 1960-1965. Lived in Marriott Road at the time. Great memories. Eventually married and moved to Countesthorpe, and now live in Leeds. Still visit friends and family as often as I can.
I recall a few of the names mentioned here.
Leicester History and Expats / Baileys night club
« Last post by Aprilnof on 00:25:39, 05/01/20 »
Another five or six moves like that and it will be on my doorstep

Just wondering: Why did the club-night move away from here in the first place?
Jokes & Funnies / just jokes
« Last post by Angietat on 13:14:44, 19/12/19 »
John and Nancy decided that the only way to pull off a Sunday afternoon quickie with their six-year-old son in the apartment was to send him out on the balcony and order him to report on all the neighborhood activities.

The boy began his commentary as his parents put their plans into operation. Theres a car being towed from the parking lot, he said. An ambulance just drove by. A few moments passed. Looks like the Smiths have company, he called out, Matt riding a new bike and the Sanders are having sex.

Mom and Dad shot up in bed. How do you know that? the startled father asked.

Their kid is standing out on the balcony too, his son replied.
Jokes & Funnies / Re: What do you call an homosexual dinosaur
« Last post by smenard on 05:21:10, 11/11/19 »
 ;D   Great
Leicester History and Expats / Re: Daniel Lambert 1770-1809
« Last post by Johned on 15:03:50, 08/11/19 »
Only just noticed this topic.  For interest my cousin's Australian husband's mother is a direct descendant of the Lambert family.  Many years ago, on a visit to England, I met up with the gentleman in Stamford and he was greatly interested in the few items of memorabilia about Daniel Lambert.  Sadly the museum is now closed.
Leicester History and Expats / Re: my old school
« Last post by Wingercop on 20:03:46, 29/10/19 »
Hi Bob, you be honest finished what I wrote about Linwood....great to hear from you and hope all is well. All that time ago...Wowee....looking back it was character say the least...
Leicester History and Expats / Re: my old school
« Last post by Kneebone on 06:00:40, 27/10/19 »
Glad to hear you are still alive!

Knew you through our time at Linwood. Sounds like a worthy project.

Returning soon to UK from oz, wouldn't mind collaborating with your project on Linwood.

Bob Cartledge

Leicester Genealogy / Re: William Bollins
« Last post by dcgunton on 18:37:39, 14/10/19 »
My problem has been resolved with thanks to Nivard Ovington.In case anyone has the same problem for the record:-William BOLLINS was born John William BOLLANDS in 1866 at Wymondham[/font]
 [/font]In 1911 they are at No23 Shelley street Knighton Fields Leicester
John Wm BOLLANDS head 44 married pressman shoe trade Wymondham Leicestershire Lillian BOLLANDS wife 31 married machinist shoe trade Leicester Leicestershire
Nellie Elizabeth BOLLANDS daughter 7      Leicester Leicestershire
John BOLLANDS father 77 widower old age pensioner Edmondthorpe Leicestershire Alfred WESTON lodger 32 single iron founder  Leicester Leicestershire
Leicester Genealogy / William Bollins
« Last post by dcgunton on 11:38:53, 14/10/19 »
 Hi All,
I have just obtained the marriage certificate of William Bollins who married Lilian Gunton at Leicester Registry Office, 9th December 1899.
I can find no trace of William at all. Lilian I have census information prior to marriage but nothing afterwards.
Does anyone have any information that might help me.? What I do know is that William Bollins was aged 29 at the time of marriage, described as a Shoe Pressman, living at 8 Fleet Street Terrace, Fleet Street, Leicester and father John Bollins Ag Lab. Lilian, aged 20 was living with her father Edward at 32 Gravel Street Leicester.
Any help regarding William at all and William and Lilian after 1899 would be greatly appreciated.
Kind Regards
David Gunton

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