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Hi guys iv just found out I was born bond street leicester 1967 I got in touch with leicester  records office Wigston and they provided me with personal details they will tell you the history of bond street thete was 3 cottages attached to it its now a carpark east bond street used to be called causeway lane  I'm originally from leicester but was placed in care
Leicester Genealogy / Re: searching for birth father
« Last post by Tina Harrison on 04:41:13, 16/03/19 »
Apologies for the delay Stephanie
Unfortunately I do not come on the forum a lot now a days.
I do however receive notifications via email.
Thanks for your relation to your search will you be pursuing it?
Kindest regards Tina
Leicester Genealogy / searching for birth father
« Last post by Henrybioth on 00:26:57, 16/03/19 »
Many thanks for your reply, especially seeing as though it was so late.

My adoptive mother and I got in contacth with social services when I was searching for my birth mum and they unfortunately confirmed they had no information regarding that regarding my birth father. I have been given documents from social services that reference my birth father, what he liked, his appearance, etc but nothing other than that.

Thanks again

Leicester Chat / Leicester Cinemas
« Last post by Henrybioth on 15:59:24, 13/03/19 »
So was this Shakespeare the brains behind their title charge last year after all?
Leicester History and Expats / the king richard road w m c
« Last post by Henrybioth on 16:55:27, 12/03/19 »
And the future Pol Pot lived just a block away: see chapter 7 of King Norodoms Head, and chapter 18 for a bit on the cucumber king. With apologies to all for tooting my own horn.
Leicester Chat / King richard third school
« Last post by Kellymarie bacon on 14:48:33, 11/03/19 »
Does anyone remember king richard third school 1981 1985 anyone out there remember sharon  ward as was love to catch up
Seeking any brothers or sisters born 1950s 1970s to a pete ward braunstone leicester sister here waiting to meet you
If and it's a big if the Pierce Jones born 1894 on the 1939 register is the correct one ......then there is a birth
in Holyhead in 1893 which is very close.
That would mean if he had the shop in the photo it would have been some time after 1905 .he wouldn't have been old enough
at that time?
Hi there as been no mention of Club Ambassador where the Kray Twins visited and was top venue for everyone from Bob Monkhouse to Dianna Dors

Hi not sure if I'm the right material but most certainly have injuries from playing football and recently from playing Real Tennis ( Royal Tennis)

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