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Leicester Genealogy / Adopted
« Last post by Lynda on 17:22:16, 15/02/20 »
Iím wondering if anyone can help me. Has anyone got any idea as to how I can find out if l have more siblings born in either the Maternity Hospital, Causeway Lane, Leicester which is where l was born in 1960 & the City Maternity Home, Westcotes Drive, Leicester where one of my siblings that I have found was born in 1962. I was adopted, I have found some of my siblings, but recently it has come to light, that there are at least 2 more of us, a male born in 1957 & a female born in 1966, both in Leicester. I have tried many different avenues but as I have very little information to go on I.e. no names or specific date of births for these two, lím asking if any of you would now if thereís some way of cross referencing these years against my motherís name.
I have a tape of Maurice Coleman - called The Attik Legend - bought it off the great man for a Christmas present :-)
Should copy it to CD one day :-)
I was trying to describe Maurice Coleman to my band mates this evening, but they had no idea what I was on about. It'd be fantastic to hear a recording. Maybe you could put some on YouTube?
Leicester Genealogy / cross family broughton road
« Last post by AmandaPounc on 19:57:43, 28/01/20 »
Philosopher:  How do you know that the chicken crossed the road?

Mathematician:  I can only prove that the chicken had a reason to cross the road; I cant determine what that reason was.
Leicester History and Expats / Warf st/Taylor st school
« Last post by BettyLof on 10:05:17, 28/01/20 »
Hi again,

Im doing stuff with Taylor and Laurent series in school, and Im having trouble finding explicit formulas for more complicated functions. One of the first examples in my homework is:
Leicester Chat / We have a quite good football team
« Last post by MabelDieft on 08:13:27, 28/01/20 »
The other day I updated my Windows 7 to Windows 10 and in the beginning it was very slow. But now it has sped up and I think its really good so far

Have you tried 10? Do you like it?
General Chat / Newbie saying hello
« Last post by HelenJem on 03:07:31, 28/01/20 »
Here are some pics of inside and door.  You are correct. This machine was made in 1977.Let me know if you want any more pictures of anything.  Does anyone happen to have a manual or something on a machine like this?
Leicester Chat / Stephenson's Lifting Bridge
« Last post by Big Andy on 21:00:16, 23/01/20 »
Dose any one know what happened to the Stephenson's Lifting Bridge[/font][/size][/i][size=78%]  from [/size]Snibston Discovery Museum[/color][/font][size=78%] after it closed  ? [/size]
General Chat / Level Crossing Questionnaire
« Last post by ShannaPes on 12:38:21, 16/01/20 »
Hello all,
In fact, I activate the extension and I read that notes but I did not know what to do
Help me by some steps or notes please..

Thank you
Leicester Chat / Welcome to Leicester Forum Please read
« Last post by Cynthiautise on 01:40:54, 16/01/20 »
Hello everyone and welcome to the General Chat section of the forum

Here you may discuss anything and everything which isnt related to any other forum section - just keep it clean and mind your language, this is a friendly famly forum.

For any technical questions, please use the Technical Section of the forum, posting in the relative area for your question to make it easier to find, and to be of more help to others who may have the same issue.

Many thanks and happy posting

Admin Team
The MK2 Golf Owners Club
General Chat / Have you had your property valued
« Last post by Barbaragurdy on 10:25:07, 09/01/20 »
Think we need to keep this thread to what you have done today and have a separate thread for all other car talk? Either that or just rename this thread All Other Car Talk.
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