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Leicester History and Expats / Re: The Bell Hotel Leicester
« Last post by Rudi on 09:03:04, 20/08/18 »
I worked at the Bell Hotel as waiter and I remember very well Mr Glass, the restaurant manager. The hotel was a testimony of the old Trust House standards. I went then to work at the Post House and certainly that was not the case.
Leicester History and Expats / Re: 'Wayside'
« Last post by Alibongo on 20:31:01, 09/08/18 »
Hi Iann

There is a Facebook group called Oadby - Remembering the Past where there are several photos and discussions about Wayside, its history ad the people who built it. Simply ask to join, then once you’re a member you can search the group’s posts for Wayside. Other group members would be interested in your connection to the house!
Leicester History and Expats / Re: 'Wayside'
« Last post by lann on 12:21:08, 09/08/18 »
Sir John Tudor Walters’ wife was my grandfather’s aunt and I remember as a child him talking about their house in Oadby.  I too would love to know more about “Wayside” and see some pictures.  Has anyone posted any online?
Leicester History and Expats / Air crash at Barrow upon Soar in 1943
« Last post by chrissy on 13:50:40, 08/07/18 »
I was wondering if anyone could help me ? I'm looking for any information on an air crash near or in Barrow upon Sour in September 1943. The plane was making for one of the airfields and crashed killing all on board. One of the airmen was my mums fiancé, Ronald William Belmont Pimm but try as I might I can't find anymore information about it. Any help would be gratefully received, Thanks
Noticeboard / Looking for Female Companion
« Last post by mikklewod on 13:35:57, 07/07/18 »
 :) Hi, I'm new on this site, so please excuse any mistakes! :)
 I'm a 60yr old man(but I look much younger).
I'm disabled and have to use a wheelchair to get around. My wife left me last year and so I'm living the life of a recluse at the moment. I own my own home (my ex is not on the owner papers). I am a sociable guy and so I'm missing the daily contact. I've been told that I should advertise for a female companion, who might accompany me for nights out. So essentially, I'm looking for a lady that speaks good English and won't mind pushing my wheelchair. I have to say a polite 'no' to Male companions and an equally polite 'no' to Indian ladies (because of the language difficulties). My hobbies are ...Reading my Kindle, Writing short stories and poetry Just in case you are allergic.. I have 2 cats! ;)
 Please feel free to contact me via email (at first), my addy should be given somewhere on the site.
 I look forward to hearing from you ;D
General Chat / Im glad I finally signed up
« Last post by JodieUei3 on 16:52:01, 25/06/18 »
Great forum posts Thank you.
Leicester History and Expats / Daniel Lambert 1770-1809
« Last post by roger street on 20:06:54, 17/05/18 »
I am planning to write a book on Daniel Lambert of Leicester to be titled 'Daniel Lambert: England's Sporting Colossus'.  I see there are two booklets I would like to acquire, 'Daniel Lambert (1770-1809)' by David T-D Clarke, 1950, and 'Daniel Lambert (1770-1809)' by Benjamin Marshall, 1950.  These are both advertised for sale on the Society's website, stating anyone interested should contact by sending an email to the Chairman of the Society.  I did this but received a message that the mail delivery had failed.  Can anyone let me have an email address which works please.  Roger Street
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Leicester History and Expats / Re: my old school
« Last post by CraftyJan on 14:27:00, 19/04/18 »
1965 to 1970 Linwood Boys and they had an Old big valve computer outside of one of the classrooms. Everyone that did the computing course got a pass as it was the first time computing was done. I'd love to know the name of the teacher that took that class!
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