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Leicester History and Expats / Re: The Bell Hotel Leicester
« Last post by corrientes on 19:36:39, 03/12/16 »
Just happened to see this forum. My uncle was the manager there in the 1950's when I was very young. I can remember being given the run of the hotel when holiday there going everywhere I shouldn't have, including the kitchen where they made me lovely cakes. My uncle produced a wonderful blue decorated cake to celebrate Leicester winning either a cup or league championship.There was a market nearby which I used to love visiting. Wonderful memories.i think it was taken over by Trust House Forte.
Leicester History and Expats / Re: Bond Street Maternity Hospital
« Last post by Paul1959 on 18:28:35, 18/10/16 »
Put me on the list born in 1959 would love to see some pictures
can anyone remember quorn lemonade crystals or quorn custard it was made at a factory on Knighton junction up to the 50s as I have a small glass bottle with quorn lemonade Leicester on and would love to learn more if possible thank you
Leicester Chat / Re: Lido
« Last post by Barry Pole on 09:09:17, 30/09/16 »
Ok teachers of Moat Rd

Mr Jackson Maths Teacher, ex Leicester City player , very violent chap from memory. Mr Green Music teacher very very skilled, however poor man could not control class.

We really did not appreciate what talent we had teaching us in those days, yes a bit Victorian in approach but good. We never called a teacher by name it was Sir, and basically we called each other by sur name , something I do with friends now which they like, why I don't know.

My favourite lessons sport, ok guys and dolls lets hear about your teachers, and likes and dislikes

Leicester Chat / Re: Lido
« Last post by Barry Pole on 08:53:15, 30/09/16 »
Hi stocking farm yep its bazza, my email address is , [email protected] drop me a line please.
Leicester Chat / Re: Lido
« Last post by Stocking Farm on 23:51:15, 29/09/16 »

So, was Vestry the one that we all had to queue up and wait until the last session finished? or was that Spence?
I remember if you were really quick in changing,  you could dive into an empty pool,  and for about 10secs you had the pool to your self.

Barry,  Did you go to Moat Boy's? you may have been in my class 61-66 ,
Maybe if we asked the forum members, what they thought of their teachers back then,  it would get some fun reaction!
Jackson!! Green!!
Anyway, If you are the Barry I'm thinking of, Glad you got out of Leicester it sure went downhill.

General Chat / Re: Level Crossing Questionnaire
« Last post by Barry Pole on 09:06:52, 21/09/16 »
Whats the legal driving age in the UK/?

Leicester History and Expats / Re: 'Wayside'
« Last post by JonB on 16:58:58, 20/09/16 »
Dear Colintighe, the best way for me to get these photos to you of the Wayside would probably be Facebook, are you on it, I am on it as Sam George if you send me a friends request I will answer you
Leicester History and Expats / Re: 'Wayside'
« Last post by JonB on 09:56:48, 20/09/16 »
I am still trying to find a way to get The Wayside Maternity home pictures available to this forum, unfortunately you cannot use email addresses or Web links on this site so I am going to try to make my Flickr website pictures available, I will let you know when I have done it probably later today
Leicester Chat / Re: Lido
« Last post by Barry Pole on 20:21:51, 19/09/16 »
Also spent hour upon hour at Vestry Street, what a fantastic Victorian bath, all gone .

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