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Leicester Chat / Paid Focus Group in Leicester
« Last post by HannaMIS on 13:44:36, 19/01/17 »
Hey everyone!

My name is Hanna and I work for a company called Made in Surveys Ltd specialised in Market Research and Focus Groups.

We're currently organising a 4 hour focus group on technology in the workplace in Leicester.

Here are the details:

PAID: £100

DURATION: 4 hours


DATE/TIME: 31/01/2017 -  6PM to 10PM

Looking for:

- MEN or WOMEN from 25 to 50 years old

- Who have CHILDREN under 18

- Must have DESKTOP or LAPTOP at home
- Must be EMPLOYED (full or part-time)

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to participate,

Thank you

Leicester Chat / Long Lost Family
« Last post by Sandy Tabalo on 13:05:27, 13/01/17 »

I’m a researcher at Wall to Wall Television on a well-known ITV documentary series called ‘Long Lost Family’. The idea of the series is to help people who have been separated from a family member; whether that’s through adoption, family rifts or other reasons. 

We’ve helped hundreds of people to find the special person missing from their life, and are hoping to help many more too.

If you, or someone you know, are longing to be re-united with a lost or adopted family member; Long Lost Family would love to hear from you.

You can call us on 020 7241 9255 or apply via our Long Lost Family website.


Leicester Genealogy / Re: Retchford research
« Last post by THarrison on 10:50:06, 09/01/17 »
Hi Tony
Have you tried google? Or social media such as Facebook  which could identify relatives?
You could try the census too. I went on a local radio station 'talking history' you could contact Daventry Andrews and arrange an interview all the way from sunny Australia!  Also local news papers can be useful on terms of reaching the general public
I wish you all the best with your searches !!
Leicester Genealogy / Retchford research
« Last post by Tony on 00:04:38, 08/01/17 »
Hello Community[/font]
 I am researching the Retchford faimly and I have James Retchford who married Ann Slater in Nottingham 1803 and they briefly came to Leicester area and one of their Daughter Ann was christened there 1815, she was born in Nottingham 1807 then they had another child James b 1809 Bapt 1810 Nottingham and Jane b 1818 Nottingham.[/font]
 I am looking for additional info in why would James and Ann be in Leicester area.
 Now James was born 1775 place unknown  but possibly Leicester area or  Northamptonshire ,
 There is a James Retchford b 1841 d 1811 Great Oxendon m  Ann Glover b 1757 Bruntingthorpe Leicester d 1819 Birmingham, these whom I think are his parents and that with out hard evidence and its just working on circumstantial evidence.
 Hope some one who have better access to records maybe able to help as I am in Australia.
 Many Thanks
 Tony [/font]:)
Leicester Chat / Re: differance
« Last post by THarrison on 15:15:52, 01/01/17 »
Happy new year!
Leicester Chat / Re: Just to let you know
« Last post by THarrison on 15:14:20, 01/01/17 »
Untangling wires!
Leicester Chat / what defines us?
« Last post by THarrison on 15:11:37, 01/01/17 »
As we all wish one another a Happy New Year I would like to ask this question. ...what defines us?
For those of you who have been part of this forum for a long period of time you will know that I have been desperately(not said lightly)searching for my birth father who worked at the bell hotel. I have contacted social media. papers..been on the radio however as yet received no information linking me to him. I have hand written letters...and spent hoursupon hhours researching.  These things become ones life. ..It holds such importance that at times you feel that the end result 'defines' you.  I have learned that finding my birth father does not and would not make or change me as a person. ..just confirm part of my missing identity and curiously surrounding 'nature nurture'.
I will always feel the need and to search for the person who I am linked to through the geneticcoconnections and hope that one day I can be held in his arms. ..However does he ...will he define the person I am?....I say not
thank youffor taking the time to read my post and for all of you who have shared their memories of the bell hotel.

Leicester Genealogy / Re: still searching
« Last post by THarrison on 14:51:24, 01/01/17 »
Hi yes i have unfortunately they tend not to get involved with finding a lost parent who is not named in the birth certificate.  :(
Leicester History and Expats / Re: Bond Street Maternity Hospital
« Last post by THarrison on 14:47:48, 01/01/17 »
Interesting! ...I was born at bond street in 1969.

Leicester History and Expats / Re: The Bell Hotel Leicester
« Last post by THarrison on 14:44:13, 01/01/17 »
that's a lovely memory!  Can I ask for your uncles name? I have been searching for my birth father who worked there however sadly I have not been successful although I am hopeful that it may happen one day.
Anyone who has with regard to the bell hotel or Steve kellyetc I would love to hear from you.
[email protected]
May 2017 bring happy times  :)

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