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Leicester History and Expats / Re: my old school
« Last post by Nino on 17:21:25, 10/06/19 »
Hi I attended Linwood school 1954-58 and lived in North End Close
Leicester History and Expats / Re: my old school
« Last post by Wingercop on 20:23:02, 16/04/19 »
Hello I attended Linwood School 1961— 1966. Great times lived on Fayrhurst Road. Jack Curtis Head. Mr Cantrell deputy. Chiltern Harris Chippy Dee Evans Muskott Gus Warwick. Etc...5 years failed most exams brother Tony.....Dusty before me. Now passed away. I’m 68. Loved my time on the Saffo.
Jokes & Funnies / THE FUNNY SIDE
« Last post by ronaldvam on 03:59:30, 16/04/19 »
It was also nice that for the longest time, if you owned a Ford you only had one oil filter that fit everything.
Leicester History and Expats / Royal Leicestershire Regd
« Last post by ronaldvam on 23:05:34, 12/04/19 »
what was the story about the german plane that offloaded some munitions in main street and the royal hotel in ww2, killing someone in main street?
I have a tape of Maurice Coleman - called The Attik Legend - bought it off the great man for a Christmas present :-)
Should copy it to CD one day :-)
Leicester Genealogy / Irons family of Wilstead
« Last post by Franktricy on 08:03:44, 07/04/19 »
Just to let every-one know I split this thread in to 2 as, another user had posted a family search in for Stewarts.
Leicester Genealogy / 1911 census
« Last post by Franktricy on 20:05:29, 06/04/19 »
Do you know when or if theyll put any of the other census records online?  When I was in Ireland the National Archives was closed  Im starting to think my family was in the Witness Protection Program.
My Dad, Ken Palmer, was the drummer in the resident modern jazz band at Les Ambassadors in the 1950's and 60's. It was exciting to be allowed to attend along with my Mum, occasionally, for a special treat. I can remember how classy it seemed to my young eyes. The food was very good too. He also ran The Trocadero ballroom with his friend Frank Marsham for a good few years in the late 50's. I have many happy memories of being in the ballroom when it was empty, dancing around and playing the grand piano. Happy days. :)
how do i buy maternity jeans when i dont know how much weight i will be gaining? typically how many sizes up should i be buying? dotn think its a good idea to buy the same size i used to wear bc that wont last long...
Leicester Chat / Fleckney anyone live there it know the area
« Last post by Henrybioth on 02:30:12, 21/03/19 »
Hi guys anyone know what the clear wrap that comes with the boot jack etc when new is called could do with some
many thanks

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