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Jokes & Funnies / What do you call an homosexual dinosaur
« Last post by vedasteelve on 18:55:05, 01/04/18 »
Q:  What do you call a person who keeps talking when people are no longer interested?

A:  The service manager.
General Chat / Claim to fame What is yours
« Last post by vedasteelve on 15:29:45, 01/04/18 »
Hi Asher,

Ive since played a season so its hard to remember but I might have put in a claim right away cause my team sucked haha.
Leicester Chat / what defines us
« Last post by vedasteelve on 19:34:53, 31/03/18 »
lol, Hanzi, I agree with you totally on photography.  I completely agree that a good photograph can be art.  And youve made a great effort as to why it can be.

However...  The question remains: what is art?
Hi Brit,

If you still need more volunteers for case studies - I have repeated issues with tight IT band which affects knees...

Leicester History and Expats / Bond Street Maternity Hospital
« Last post by vedasteelve on 00:24:14, 31/03/18 »
My wee nephew was born in rottenrow, my daughter was born in Rutherglen maternity it closed down as well.

Many thanks...I am still searching for anytime in relation to the Bell Hotel☺
Just  Google 'Causeway Lane Maternity Hospital' under the IMAGE tag and you should be able to see several photos.
Sounds good....where's the photo.
Never worked out how you put photos on this sight!
Hi Snowman,
I was also born at the Maternity Hospital in Causeway Lane, one year before you. You are right. It is the same place as East Bond Street. I managed to find a photo of it
Hi;  My birth certificate lists place of birth as Causeway Lane, Maternity Hospital, Leicester. I have not been able to find any reference to such a place. However I note that Causeway Ln is very close to East Bond St, Westcotes perhaps? If so it seems reasonable to assume that this was the place. The year was 1942, war time. My mother had been evacuated to Leicester. Presumably because the city was less likely to suffer the attention of the German Luftwaffe than South London.
Anyone with info I would greatly appreciate it
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