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Leicester Chat / Private detectives...your veiw
« Last post by Tina Harrison on 19:54:21, 03/01/18 »
As the new year starts I still remain at that brick wall in relation to finding my birth father. Life goes bye so fast and I have dedicated so much time trying to establish ways to locate him(with no far)
I would be interested in those who have an opinion on 'private detectives'.....are they genuine...or as most other things a way of lining their pockets on the back of the most vunerable.
Any advice would be appreciated!! may be a new year but the wall has not changed grrrrrr😕
Leicester History and Expats / Re: 'Wayside'
« Last post by Alibongo on 19:07:41, 03/01/18 »
Hi everyone whos contributed to this thread. I would love to see any photos, plans or maps of The Wayside. I belong to a local history Facebook group and a few pieces of information about the house have been shared by members, but we have many gaps! For example, we would love to know what the lodge was like, and if there was also a cottage in the grounds. Were both these annexes near the Glen Road? From the one or two photos we have seen, the house appeared to be built in the Arts and Crafts style, with the rear facing southeast to enjoy views down the hill (where I now live!) - we would love to see any photos of the front of the house. JonB and Simonclub - you both mention that you have a connection with the property in some way - would you be happy to share any info, or even contribute to our fantastic FB page? Many thanks in advance (and in hope that you receive this message). I ticked the box to say Id be able to receive emails from other members :)
General Chat / Happy New Year
« Last post by Tina Harrison on 21:54:43, 31/12/17 »
....well....what wont you miss from 2017?
...and what will you add to 2018?
Have a good one fellow forumers!!!
See you next year!!! :)
Leicester History and Expats / Re: Warf st/Taylor st school.
« Last post by ken keogh on 15:04:41, 25/12/17 »
hi everyone,just joined I have lovely memories of taylor street junior school. I was there from 1957 until 1961 when mr adams was the headmaster. I lived in Gladstone grandma lived in old Milton street, and my uncle sid ran the jolly angler pub. Kenneth Keogh.
Leicester History and Expats / Re: Baileys night club
« Last post by the_motownman on 22:36:07, 06/12/17 »
I remember all those acts and many more. you right those days will never be seen again. part of the problem though was that Leicester people at that time were notorious for not wanting to pay for entertainment. sad that its all over. I worked there for a few yrs.
Leicester History and Expats / Re: Baileys night club
« Last post by Phil65 on 10:51:01, 06/12/17 »
Remember it well.
My then girlfriend (now wife) was a trainee nurse at the royal.
Every week free entry tickets would be placed in the nurses home, my wife always used to try to get a couple for us to go on a Wednesday.
Saw many acts there some long since forgotten!

Also paid to see some of the named stars, i.e Three Degrees, Tommy Cooper, Chilites, Drifters, Mud and the fantastic mr cool Jene Pitney etc.

One of the best acts to stick in my mind was a group called Limmie and the Family Cookin, sung You can do Magic, Smarty Pants .......
They were brilliant, remember the lead singer crying with emotion due to the audience reaction.

Unfortunately due to stars wanting so much money these days by only playing big venues, places  like this will no longer be.

My late Father-in-law was a member of the club,and I have in my possession,several of his awards presented for his winning at cribbage.Since I have no use for them,and my husband,who was his only surviving son,died last year,I wondered if Icould return them to the club.I would be grateful if you could let me know if this could be possible. My Father-in-law was George Derbyshire, he was a member for many years and died in 1972.

We used to go to the Chameleon on Saturday nights to drink Coffee and listen to a jazz guitarist and singer (Maurice Coleman, I think). Occasionally there would be a girl singer/waitress too. My girlfriend and I worked there for a few weeks in the late 60s
Leicester Genealogy / Re: genealogy
« Last post by Tina Harrison on 08:17:18, 13/11/17 »
All the best with your search!!! Its tough but keep going. I have been searching for my birth father Steve Kelly but sadly...hitting a few brick walls to say the least!they make it so easy on the TV😀
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