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Sling some slang
« on: 05:19:04, 25/07/07 »
                                                          Go  Slangin’   

As part of a mad-cap exhaustive investigation of slang, I, Jorgen Naipaul, a lexicographer from Canada, welcome and appreciate input from Contributors. Simply visit the website:

and go “slangin’; just come in, hang out and contribute slang,  just sling some slang, any type of slang that is being used by ‘the man in the street’ – such as, contemporary youth slang, urban slang, street slang, black slang, music slang, student slang, etc. This is by no means intended to morph into online dictionary, nor is it to ‘imprison’ slang as it is simply impossible.

Due to the fact that I have conducted comprehensive research – please do not refer me to websites, books, articles, etc, for example, Urban Dictionary, and so on.

Finally, Contributions will be reviewed and Contributors will be acknowledged in upcoming publications, as long as, they provide the word (particularly fresh), its meaning and preferably its definition.

Below is a list of extra details you may wish to add, however, if you are unable to provide such details, simply contribute the word, its meaning and preferably an illustration.
Headword (or Phrase): e.g.  “Awesome”.

Part of speech: e.g. noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc.

Meaning: (Definition)

Geographical origin: e.g. US, England, Aus, NZ, Caribbean, Northern English, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa, India, Bangladesh, etc.

Origin, if possible:

Typical users: e.g. students, teenagers, office employees, schoolchildren, etc.

Example(s) of use (Illustration): (a direct quotation or an invented example).

Any Extra Information: (where you heard it, in what context, how old it is (or just a guesstimate), how common its use is, whether it is always used as an insult, a compliment, etc.)

Thanks for your assistance.

Jorgen Naipaul

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