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Advise: Troublesome inlaw
« on: 19:49:25, 22/05/15 »
Hi all. Just wanted some advice on the following issue. There are 4 of us in a home, (me, mother, brother and his wife) - we live together as an extended family and cant afford to rent/move out etc. Cutting to the point, the brother has paid towards an extension to the property and wants to claim the property as his own, even though in legal terms its mums.

The daughter in law is consistently lazy and gives a lot of verbal yack towards her mum in law. I know its just a domestic case of he/she says but they constantly threaten mum to chuck her out of her job even though shes providing for them. daughter in law does not work at all since migrating to this country from asia through marriage 5 years ago. brother works and is saving for 2 years to provide for their neice which is fine. daughter in law lacks parenting skills and arguments arise when mum attempts to help.

just wanted to know is there any legal risk for mum considering she owns the property  even though brother/me/dad helped pay for the mortgage/extension?

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