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I think even the sun readers should be able to work out the anagram, i have already been censored for using a four letter word that I thought was ok so I'm taking no chances this time.
i am of course I'm referring to chamber pots to use the posh name, but they were better known as gusunders or gerry under the bed or even pisspots !! i  thought that they were horrible things ,thankfully i never had to use one as our toilet was not at the bottom of the garden'
my uncles in Broughton road on the saff were not so lucky and they had to share one of these devices between about five of them, my uncle harry who has been  long gone used to tell me some tales, in order to use it you had to hook your fingers around the ridge to pull it out from under the bed when the handle was not in view, if your fingers got warm it was time to empty it, apparently one day there was an overflow and its contents seeped  through the ceiling and gave my grandad an unexpected lukewarm shower whist he was having his breakfast, no one had showers in those days, pity that he did not patent it, I remember the pots comimg in different sizes and designs ,the most popular one having floral decor, the one that i shall always remember was in a joke shop in skegness it was a normal chamber pot but had an inscription on the side which read, I'd tell the world what i have seen but it might be deemed that I'm obscene, which I think that just about sums up this delightful  topic.

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